*Argus-Eyed Clothing* Totally Tintable
*Argus-Eyed Clothing* Totally Tintable
Sold by: Argus Collingwood
Joined: December 05, 2005

•Argus Collingwood has been married forever to DJ Farrokh Vavoom in SL and RL.

• Argus is a landowner, event co-ordinator, club owner, Member of the Magicians, photographer, designer, host and dancer.

•Argus started Argus-Eyed Clothing with a store in van Eyck and merchant account on SL Marketplace in hopes of giving avatars a choice of being able to tint her designs to match their mood [and shoes]. All of my items are found on SLM if you need to purchase in-world, just im me and we will arrange it.

•Check out her YouTube account for design video shoots of her items


Customer Satisfaction is my aim.

•If you have any problems with any of my items do not hesitate to contact me in-world or via the messaging system on the SL website.

•Items are mostly copy/mod no transfer.

•If you made a mistake and bought something you wish to have transferred to someone else, please contact me.

• I am always happy to help.

• Join the Argus-Eyed Clothing Group

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