TUFF Old Boats
TUFF Old Boats
Sold by: Rya Nitely
Joined: October 31, 2007

TUFF Old Boats is owned and operated by Rya Nitely and Jarnz Dench.

We specialise in the creation of old weathered boats and structures. Our creations are made with high quality textures and are designed to give a realistic look, which would suit a natural environment such as a fishing theme or an old rustic setting. An old weathered boat would enhance any lake, beach or river, as a display or for sailing.

Our large collection of boats come in different sizes and include sailboats, rowboats, motorboats, speedboats, fishing boats, steam boats, cuddle boats and rafts. Our boats are scripted for smooth sailing and have high quality animations for driver and passengers. We also have many display boats that can be used for decorative purposes.

Most of our boats can also be bought as a rezzer which is ideal if you want to share your boat with others. Rezzers come as single prims, docks or boathouses.

Our inworld shop is spread out over the 3 sims, which is setup in a natural layout with plenty of water for sailing our demo boats through scenic mountains and peaceful gardens made up of sculpted offsim reefs and rocks, old ruined buildings, cabins, lighthouses, old docks, bridges and fences, old rustic furniture and many more of our creations.


Our items are copy/mod.

We replace items upon request.

If an item is bought twice we will refund the second purchase.

We provide lifetime support and free updates.

We will respond to any IM or notecard for help and support within 48 hours.

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